Onsite backups are your first resort when something goes wrong.

These range from Live RAID Mirrors, USB External hard drives, NAS & SAN Storage. Image backups take a snapshot of a machine at that point in time and allow you to restore the operating system and the data as though no data loss or failure occurred.

Image backup and recovery provide you with the fastest recovery time in the event of a complete hard disk failure or operating system corruption. However they do require more space than file-based selective backups.

File Based backups allow the selection of individual files and folders which are copied to another media or network location in an archived format. This type of backup is useful to recover deleted files or accidental modified data. However this will not protect your entire operating system.

Backing up only in this way is most likely to lead to much downtime and loss of personalised settings in the event of a hard disk crash. We make use of all of these to maximise recovery and minimise downtime.

Contact us for an evaluation of your onsite backup mechanisms to test real-life recovery time and to uncover weak areas if they are present.

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