What Is VPS Hosting?

Web hosting means you are renting space on a web server. A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, can mimic a physical dedicated server, but it is virtualized. This means that the average user can easily host their website online, without the hassle and expense of setting up and managing a physical server. 

We provide secure VPS hosting, which gives you all of the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of VPS Hosting with Wolfatek

  • VPS hosting offers you the affordability of shared hosting, while giving you the power and control of a dedicated server.
  • You have privacy, as there are no other websites on your server that potentially have access to your files.
  • With a VPS Server, you have your own customized operating system.
  • Even though you technically share a server, you have control over your VPS server  and it can be restarted without affecting anyone else.
  • With VPS hosting, you have dedicated RAM as there is no one else on your server that can use it all when you need it.


Host your business website on a virtual server for a fraction of the price.

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