We facilitate elections for universities and other organisations from start to finish using our state of the art, world class Wolfatek Online Voting System (WOVS). 

Our system's unmatched performance and reliability has given us an impeccable reputation and track record with our clients. 

When we decided to develop an online voting platform we knew it had to be the very best in the world and that is what we have to offer. 

Our Wolfatek Online Voting System (WOVS) features:

  • Highly Secure & Impennetrable to intruders and attackers
  • Rapid Elections Setup
  • Quick and easy to use for end-users with no training / instructions required
  • Extremely light-weight for the smallest data-footprint 
  • Therefore it is EXTREMELY FAST
  • Robust to accommodate high-volume of users built on our private cloud technology.
  • Multiplatform / devices accessibility. Runs on practically any device with a modern browser. 
  • Uses a single OTP for access which is Emailed or SMS'd to Voters
  • Fully Customisable Headings, Election names, Portfolios.
  • Results are Immediately tallied after the elections. 
  • Online Nominations Portal to automate Secondments verifcation and Nominations acceptance.

We extremely quite proud of the WOVS system not just because of how it operates but because of how easy it has made the lives of those that vote and the overall election process.